3 Reasons Why Branded Office Promotional Items Work

Corporate gifts are a great way of getting your brand out there and raising your company profile.

At SAPD we specialise in applying company branding to a wide range of top quality office products, from IT accessories to desk tidies and business card cases. Giving these items to clients as corporate gifts may seem like an unnecessary expense; yet here are three reasons why works when it comes to promoting your business and brand.

1. Excellent exposure for the brand logo

Most companies recognise the importance of a strong logo. It is a key visual representation of what the company stands for and is often the first thing that prospective clients will notice. A logo can make or break a business and a multi-billion pound industry has developed around the quest for that perfect visual tag which succinctly encapsulates brand identity.


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Once a company has put in the hard work developing the perfect logo, one of the most effective ways to achieve exposure for it is through office branding items. Whether you’re giving away mouse mats at a trade show, including free pens with application packs or adding complimentary post-it notes to a customer order, your branded corporate gifts will generally find their way on to a client’s desk. If you have carefully chosen a good quality product that will prove useful in their day-to-day work, you have guaranteed repeat brand exposure for the life of the corporate gift. Choosing a reputable promotional gift supplier to provide your branded office items ensures that your products last longer and consequently work harder for you.

2. An easy and affordable way to connect with your audience

Corporate branded desk items are a relatively inexpensive form of advertising that exposes your logo repeatedly throughout the working day and fosters familiarity with your branding. In most cases, corporate gifts are targeted at those who have expressed an interest in, or previously utilised, your product or service and are likely to require similar products or services in future.

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By offering a good quality branded gift at the point of enquiry or on completion of a deal, you are subtly ensuring your company’s continued presence in your client’s office. This means your company name will be, literally right under their nose the next time they consider a brand-relevant purchase.

3. Your most effective multi-taskers

Branded corporate gifts are the best multi-taskers in your client’s office. By serving a practical purpose in day-to-day work life they are working for your client. By being an ever-present instance of your logo they are subtly yet effectively working for you and raising your company profile.

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Investing time and money in great corporate gifts means that your brand can be continually promoted to your key clients in an unobtrusive manner, leaving you more time to focus on developing your offering and expanding your business.

Till next time,

Mark Gilmour