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5 Marketing Trends of 2015

As 2015 creeps ever nearer, we thought it would be a good idea to identify what will be; in our opinion, the five main marketing trends of 2015…


Mobile will begin to dominate

With the vast majority of people having a smartphone or tablet, the way we use the internet is changing. People don’t surf the web on large monitor screens anymore, preferring to do so on their much smaller phones and tablets on the move. Therefore, in terms of online marketing, strategies that were effective on large monitor screens are no longer as effective as before, because they don’t translate well to the smaller screens of tablets and mobiles. Your marketing strategies should reflect this. Priorities should be ensuring that your online advertising is relevant and accessible on smaller screens, and that your website is fully mobile responsive.


mobile sapd



Whichever market your business operates in, chances are it is going to get more competitive in 2015. This is where companies don’t just have to work harder to survive and thrive, they have to work smarter. Micro targeting is a way of delving into your business’s marketing metrics at a very specific and detailed level and identifying the most profitable niches to target. Effectively, you will be developing buyer personas for these niches, enabling your marketing activity to talk to them much more effectively.

Video advertising

Video advertising has been growing significantly in the last few years. One of the major reasons is its reach. Youtube reaches more young adults below the age of 34 than any other comparable medium, such as TV, radio or the printed media. Social is key to effective video advertising, and quality video content that is not an overt ‘advert’ can be shared across the globe.




Native advertising

Native advertising is also known as ‘organic advertising’ or ‘sponsored content’. Essentially they are adverts that are presented in formats designed specifically for the platform being used, taking advantage of the way that its users engage with it. Examples can be Twitter’s promoted tweets, Facebook’s suggested posts or the ads that appear between Flipboard pages. Expect to see more and more companies using this form of advertising.

Back to basics

As digital marketing begins to dominate with an almost limitless number of opportunities to market your business, it has left some more traditional forms of marketing somewhat redundant. However, this should be used to your advantage. There are some great deals in terms of offline advertising and marketing, and if used carefully and consistently, they can be a highly effective method of marketing your company. Used in conjunction with your online activity, using such things as promotional items and more traditional forms of advertising can distinguish and differentiate your company, however competitive the market.

Nobody knows exactly what will happen in terms of marketing in 2015, but by engaging with the trends above, it will ensure you are doing everything you can to stay ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors.


It’s All About What You Look Like

When marketing your business, incorporating a visual approach is becoming more and more important. Sites such as Instagram and Pinterest have grown rapidly in recent years, with images on such sites being twice as likely to be shared as traditional text.

instagram and pinterstWhether you want to push a new range of products or use a visual approach to communicating your brand, here are our tips to help you do this.

Exploit Your Existing Visual Content

It’s not always necessary to create new visual content. Your company may have a number of photographs, images, infographics and videos that could be adapted for you to use in your new visual campaign. Take your time to go through these assets and it could give you some valuable and useful imagery as well as saving you money.

iconsSlides from previous presentations may be useful to include in explainer videos, and old reports can be revolutionised with the addition of imagery. This makes them both more social media friendly and it can also help drive traffic from Google Images.

Understand the Different Visual Communities

When using imagery to market your company, social media is vital and it is important to understand each different social channel. You will find that different sites will each have their own ‘feel’, and what works in one, may not be as effective in another. Posting visually striking in-depth reports may gain you popularity on sites such as Linkedin, but not on Twitter. However, a funny seven second video shared using Twitter’s Vine service could be very well received. Understanding the different social media cultures will enhance your content creation and strengthen your social media presence.


Give Memes a Try

If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest or Linkedin, you will be aware of the large number of memes that are shared. Memes are a striking image, which can be funny or beautiful, paired with a relevant quote, fact or joke. When tagged with your brand, these can be immensely effective and are easy to create with sites such as A good meme can go viral, and be shared around the world, so it is essential that the meme you create fits within your brands image. A funny meme may be very popular, but how does it portray your company? What does it say about you? Always keep this in mind.

Go Offline

In today’s digital age, it is all too easy to forget about more traditional types of advertising and promotion. Assess what is working for you online and see if you think it could be effective offline. Bold visual advertising could drive traffic to both your website and social media channels, as could the clever use of promotional items, especially when linked to your campaign. There are some very clever and effective promotional items in the market, and it is worth checking to see what could link-in with your campaign and enhance its effectiveness.


Wherever you start with using your visual imagery to portray your message, it is vital that it is consistent across all chosen channels. It may take you a little time to fine-tune your visual approach, but once up and running it will play a key role in your marketing activity.

All the best,


Imagine if you could persuade 30% of your competitor’s customers to try your product…

We live in a world where brand is everything. Whatever line of business you are in, your business is as strong as your brand; it’s what sets you apart from your competitors and what communicates your business message.

Developing your brand therefore is key; but it is difficult sometimes to focus just on how to do that, with so many different options available. Promotional items are one of the oldest ways of developing your brand, and according to a new survey from the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association), it’s the most effective too. Here are some key findings from the report, along with some ideas as to how these can be utilised to build your brand.

Free gifts can persuade people to change their brand

People like to stick with what they know. Even if they know that another brand may be better/cheaper/more suitable, people tend to carry on purchasing what they always have done. This can be through a certain amount of loyalty to a brand, but is usually more to do with fear, fear of trying something new. This lethargy is one of the hardest obstacles marketers have to overcome.

Promotional advertising can be a key tool in fighting this lethargy. The survey found that 3 out of 10 people have decided to change the brand that they regularly buy in order that they can receive a free gift. This shows the power of promotional advertising.

The promotional items consumers want

There were some hugely useful findings in the part of the study that looked at the most popular types of promotional items and how likely that by receiving one of these would persuade them to change their brand. The top results were as follows:


48% would swap their current brand for cooking accessories

42% would swap their current brand for a coffee mug

39% would swap their current brand for a branded fizzy drinks glass

Again, these results show the power of promotional advertising, and it is a type of advertising that keeps on advertising, because all of those items above are useful and are used again and again.

What promotional products do people own?

Pen – 62%

Mug – 35%

Keyring – 33%

T-Shirt – 25%

Drinking Glass -25%


The results of this question show the longevity of different types of promotional advertising. No other form of advertising can compete with these sort of figures. 62% of people who received a promotional pen kept it for over a year, yet the cost of a pen is literally a few pence, emphasising how powerful and cost-effective promotional products can be.

In the modern world, we are bombarded as business with the message that potential customers have to ‘experience’ your brand and its message several times before a level of recognition and reaction is achieved. It can be seen from the results of the survey above, that promotional products provide and ongoing promotion of your brand, whilst also serving a useful function when the need arises.


Salt & Pepper Designs Launch Facebook Page

Salt & Pepper Designs have just launched their new Facebook page, which aims to share posts on not only SAPD’s range of gifts, but also blog posts on the importance of branding within the workplace. SAPD is a corporate gift company, who offer a wide range of products from USB hubs to clothing.

tc (50)

SAPD’s aims are simple; they want to give offices the opportunity to create the perfect image for themselves with their products. This does not simply happen with a company’s outward image, but also it’s internal image. SAPD know the importance of corporate branding, which is why they produce quality items for offices that can be used as office branding items for the purpose of giving each office its own unique touch.

SAPD are utilising social media to help get across the importance of corporate branding. Sharing blog posts, images of their products and other promotional items, so that consumers can easily see key products or can read posts such as “5 reasons why a strong visual brand increases sales”. Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching a wider audience which is why it is so important for SAPD to have a page.

sapd fb

SAPD are one of the leading brands when it comes to corporate gifts, with years of experience under their belt. With 15 years industry experience, Mark Gilmour, SAPD’s M.D. understands this better than most, “SAPD work hard to ensure that offices understand the importance of branding” he says. Such a wealth of experience has given SAPD the edge when it comes to supplying corporate gifts. They know that having a website is simply not enough, therefore by having a Facebook page as well they understand their demographic of young professionals who may be looking to purchase corporate gifts, or looking to gain knowledge about how to strengthen their corporate brand.

SAPD don’t just offer gifts for inside the office, they also offer gifts for out of office leisure activities. Having downtime from the office is the best way to refresh and recharge, ready to take on another week. SAPD offer a range of sportswear, leisure and travel items, and golfing items. Items such as this have already been shared on the new Facebook page, showcasing to their consumers the wide range of products they offer. SAPD understand the importance of Facebook and are using theirs to its full potential.