It’s All About What You Look Like

When marketing your business, incorporating a visual approach is becoming more and more important. Sites such as Instagram and Pinterest have grown rapidly in recent years, with images on such sites being twice as likely to be shared as traditional text.

instagram and pinterstWhether you want to push a new range of products or use a visual approach to communicating your brand, here are our tips to help you do this.

Exploit Your Existing Visual Content

It’s not always necessary to create new visual content. Your company may have a number of photographs, images, infographics and videos that could be adapted for you to use in your new visual campaign. Take your time to go through these assets and it could give you some valuable and useful imagery as well as saving you money.

iconsSlides from previous presentations may be useful to include in explainer videos, and old reports can be revolutionised with the addition of imagery. This makes them both more social media friendly and it can also help drive traffic from Google Images.

Understand the Different Visual Communities

When using imagery to market your company, social media is vital and it is important to understand each different social channel. You will find that different sites will each have their own ‘feel’, and what works in one, may not be as effective in another. Posting visually striking in-depth reports may gain you popularity on sites such as Linkedin, but not on Twitter. However, a funny seven second video shared using Twitter’s Vine service could be very well received. Understanding the different social media cultures will enhance your content creation and strengthen your social media presence.


Give Memes a Try

If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest or Linkedin, you will be aware of the large number of memes that are shared. Memes are a striking image, which can be funny or beautiful, paired with a relevant quote, fact or joke. When tagged with your brand, these can be immensely effective and are easy to create with sites such as A good meme can go viral, and be shared around the world, so it is essential that the meme you create fits within your brands image. A funny meme may be very popular, but how does it portray your company? What does it say about you? Always keep this in mind.

Go Offline

In today’s digital age, it is all too easy to forget about more traditional types of advertising and promotion. Assess what is working for you online and see if you think it could be effective offline. Bold visual advertising could drive traffic to both your website and social media channels, as could the clever use of promotional items, especially when linked to your campaign. There are some very clever and effective promotional items in the market, and it is worth checking to see what could link-in with your campaign and enhance its effectiveness.


Wherever you start with using your visual imagery to portray your message, it is vital that it is consistent across all chosen channels. It may take you a little time to fine-tune your visual approach, but once up and running it will play a key role in your marketing activity.

All the best,