Salt & Pepper Designs Launch Facebook Page

Salt & Pepper Designs have just launched their new Facebook page, which aims to share posts on not only SAPD’s range of gifts, but also blog posts on the importance of branding within the workplace. SAPD is a corporate gift company, who offer a wide range of products from USB hubs to clothing.

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SAPD’s aims are simple; they want to give offices the opportunity to create the perfect image for themselves with their products. This does not simply happen with a company’s outward image, but also it’s internal image. SAPD know the importance of corporate branding, which is why they produce quality items for offices that can be used as office branding items for the purpose of giving each office its own unique touch.

SAPD are utilising social media to help get across the importance of corporate branding. Sharing blog posts, images of their products and other promotional items, so that consumers can easily see key products or can read posts such as “5 reasons why a strong visual brand increases sales”. Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching a wider audience which is why it is so important for SAPD to have a page.

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SAPD are one of the leading brands when it comes to corporate gifts, with years of experience under their belt. With 15 years industry experience, Mark Gilmour, SAPD’s M.D. understands this better than most, “SAPD work hard to ensure that offices understand the importance of branding” he says. Such a wealth of experience has given SAPD the edge when it comes to supplying corporate gifts. They know that having a website is simply not enough, therefore by having a Facebook page as well they understand their demographic of young professionals who may be looking to purchase corporate gifts, or looking to gain knowledge about how to strengthen their corporate brand.

SAPD don’t just offer gifts for inside the office, they also offer gifts for out of office leisure activities. Having downtime from the office is the best way to refresh and recharge, ready to take on another week. SAPD offer a range of sportswear, leisure and travel items, and golfing items. Items such as this have already been shared on the new Facebook page, showcasing to their consumers the wide range of products they offer. SAPD understand the importance of Facebook and are using theirs to its full potential.