Why Giving a Pen Away Still Works: The Effectiveness of Promotional Products

It’s easy today to get carried away with the more fashionable marketing strategies. Content marketing and social marketing being some of the latest techniques that people are finding effective. But what happens of the more traditional ways of promoting your business?

You’d expect that offline promotions would have taken a hit in the face of the growing presence of online marketing. Surprisingly though, they are as popular as ever, and do you know why? Promotional products work. Here are some of the reasons why you should be investing in promotional products to raise the profile of your business…

They open the lines of communication

Promotional products are a great way of opening the lines of communication with potential clients. This is down to reciprocation. When you give a gift to someone, it naturally promotes a feeling in that person that they should reciprocate your kind gesture some way. The product breaks the ice effectively and they feel obliged (in a good way) to listen to you and engage you in conversation. All that from something as simple as a pen or a notepad that can cost just pence!


They draw attention you, your company and your brand

At a trade show, it can be difficult to be noticed with so many competitors vying for the attention of potential customers and clients. In marketing, there is nothing more powerful than the word ‘FREE’, so why not get people’s attention by offering them some branded promotional merchandise? Promotional products can also work in your favour another way, away from the trade show booth. If you’re giving some really interesting items away, people will actively use them, and anyone else who sees them will be intrigued by them and ask about them. This can drive even more people to your business or website.

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Increase brand recognition and brand exposure

Conventional advertising is usually limited by time. Whether TV, print or online, there is usually a set period of time that an advert will run for. However, promotional products are a unique form of promotion that potentially could go on advertising your business for an unlimited amount of time.tc (13)

Simple, inexpensive items such as pens, notepads, key rings and USB sticks are very, very useful and will be gladly used by potential clients and customers over and over again. This repetition of use is key, as the secret to increasing brand recognition is the repeated exposure of name, logo and slogan. This repeated use will imprint your company and its message on your potential customer’s minds.


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When you review your marketing activity, don’t forget the more traditional types of raising your business’s profile such as promotional products. In an age dominated by online and social marketing, using promotional products as part of a multidisciplinary approach to marketing can set your company apart from your competitors, and keep you one step ahead. Unbeatable in terms of cost-effectiveness, can you afford not to use them?